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What I've learnt in medical school and about life in general so far

I've spent four years in medical school so far. I've learnt quite a number of things as the years went by, so I thought to share a few of things I learnt along the way:

1. Medicine is a course that 'puts you in a cage' sort of way. You plan your activities around it so that your academics doesn't suffer. You can't get engage in many activities or go for many social events so that you would have more time to read. Put your academics first before any other thing whether church, fellowship, student politics, business or whatever. In fact, you may even become less dedicated in church as a result. But your primary aim is your academics. The most important is that you maintain your relationship with God and worship Him in spirit and in truth.
It's better that you dedicate yourself to your academics and one or two other things by the side like church, fellowship, student politics, business,  Don't get involved in so many activities. Plan yourself and time.

2.Know thyself. Know your study pattern. Do you prefer reading in group or by yourself? Do you prefer reading books or watching videos. Do you read at night or day? Do you prefer to listen in class and not write during class or not? There is no perfect method for succeeding in medical school. Know what works best for you and stick to it.

3. Never be in competition with anyone, everyone has their time, path and destiny. Never compare yourself academically to others. Instead learn from them and work on yourself.

4. Get yourself a mentor or mentors who you could meet to confide in and get advice from.

5. Medicine is a demanding course. There are times you get depressed and may want to give up. In such times, never give up, keep on persevering. Take a break sef, listen to music and motivational videos and books that would fire you up. There's a time for everything. Don't party too much. It would be worth it in the end.

6. Never give up even if your results are not reflecting your efforts. At times this happens. But know that you're reading to be a doctor. The knowledge would help you one day. The best graduating isn't necessarily going to be the best doctor. Nevertheless, aim to be the best.

7. Medicine is an expensive course. Always leave money aside in case of anything.

8. A resit isn't the end of the world. Everyone has their time and destiny. It doesn't mean the person is dumb either. In case of a resit, pick yourself up and work harder.

9. Fear is normal in medical school but the courageous woman isn't she without fear but she who moves forward and attempts and never gives up despite her fear. Pray always, attend programs like CMDA Academic programs and read books to help abase your fear and make you better.

10. Go through past questions, your lecturers notes, listen in class, take note of what they emphasised on and read their recommended textbooks and materials.

11. Make the most of the holiday periods and strike to read other books aside medical books and learn new things and skills.

I guess I would share more later.

Now, I'll share what I learnt in the past year.

1. Money is easier spent than got. Plan what you would use your money for and keep it in the appropriate places if not people and other expenses that come up would help you plan it. Once you have money in your account, chances are that it would be spent. Out of the money you have, save some and invest some.
You could save in a Target Savings Account with a bank like Access bank where you can't withdraw it or on or invest with as little as N5,000 in mutual fund in a bank like First Bank.

2. Lend only what you can afford to lose. Sometimes, even the so called 'born agains' won't pay you back. Be patient but persistent in asking for your money. Before you lend anyone money, try and find out if the person is trustworthy and start with a little amount first and see if the person pays back. Be weary of church members you don't know asking for financial help. They may be scams. It's better to lend to your family, friend or colleague who you know.

3. No matter how bitter your experience, forgive and move on. God would compensate you but don't forget it, so that it remains a lesson that teaches and guides you.

4. Have as many acquaintances as you like. Talk to people but choose your friends and potential spouse to be wisely. Don't hurry to commit to anyone. Study the person first before you go into the relationship fully. Time could help reveal a person's character.

5. A successful guy has many friends and an unsuccessful guy has few friends. Nevertheless, better is a true friend than many fake friends.

6. In school, put your academics first before any other thing whether church, fellowship, student politics, business, party or any other activity. It's the primary reason you're in school after all.

7. You can't be everywhere and get yourself involved in everything. It's better to be dedicated in your academics and one or two things aside it so that your academics doesn't suffer. Be dedicated in them and strive to be the best and get to the top.

8. When helping/giving others and when serving, don't do it for praise or reward. Do it to better yourself and to better humanity. Serve/give as if for God not man and your blessing would come from even the most unexpected places.

9. Never envy the talents or leadership positions of others. Look within yourself and work on your talents. Keep on serving and doing your best and you'll be a leader one day. A leader could be by occupying a position or by being a master in your field/skill.

10. Wherever you are, shine your light. If you're in an environment where everyone is shining his/her light, it's better you go outside to the dark and shine your light there. No need for light blinding. The world is big field where everyone can play at their best. There are places you go to and shine your light where you would be appreciated. Not everyone must do/be the same thing and shine their lights in a particular place. Go where you're appreciated not tolerated.

11. Be faithful in giving your tithes, offerings, dues, donations and other financial obligations. It may seem that your money is going but one day, your financial breakthrough would cone from the least expected places.

12. Take care of yourself: spirit, soul and body.

13. You are where you are today by virtue of the choices you made in the past.  So, have a goal and dream and pursue it. One day you'll achieve it or get close to it. Aim for the stars, if you don't get them, at least you'll land on the moon.

14. Before you go into a relationship and tell someone 'I love you', be the person's friend first so that you can know the person for who he/she really is. People are more likely to reveal their true nature among their friends than with the person they are dating. Watch his family/friends, it could give you a clue on the kind of person he/she is. Avoid dating someone who isn't born again, you may be easily tempted and such a person may not help you much to resist it. However, it's advisable to date only when ready to marry to avoid heart breaks and stories that touch the heart.

15. Treat ladies/guys as your sisters/brothers with purity. Don't lead them on or pass wrong signals or call them special names or give intimate hugs or talk marriage talk with them, thereby tricking them into believing you are serious. That's called emotional defrauding. Treat all equally with respect.

16. Make friends with your seniors, mates and juniors. You'll learn from them. Have someone to mentor if possible. Aspire to be a role model.

17. Never be in competition with anyone, everyone has their time, path and destiny.

18. Never look down on yourself or allow anyone do that on you. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. The way you see and treat yourself is the way others would. See yourself as a king or queen but without pride please!

19. Hang out with people better than you and always be ready to learn and receive corrections and criticism.

20. Cut off all parasitic relationships and do not be a parasite yourself.

21. The decisions you take for your future and the path you choose to follow are one of the most important things to consider in your life. Have a plan and follow it. You're more likely to achieve it than if you just go through life just like that and take on whatever comes to you. If you don't have a plan for your life, people would make it for you. Success is deliberate not accidental or luck. If you don't have a mental picture of what you want in your future spouse, you may end up choosing the wrong person because there's no criteria for them to pass through. If you don't have a plan for your finances, you may end up with nothing even if you had millions at a point. Successful people are planners. Write a plan,have a vision and follow it through. You may not achieve every single thing as planned but at least you would get close to it even if your dreams and vision seem slow in materialising. Even the Bible says we should have a vision and follow it through:

Habakkuk 2:2-3 King James Version (KJV)

And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.
For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.

21. Have a relationship with God and stick to the Bible principles tightly. It would help you as you face the world.

So that's all for now folks!😊


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