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Creativity is the quality or ability to create or invent something. It is the capacity to think independently or be inventive. It is the quality of being original, novel or pioneering.

  Every human is born creative but sadly, not everyone uses his/her creativity. As children, our minds were not limited. We may have imagined that we could fly in the air and even reach up to heaven and see how God looks like. We may have wanted to be super heroes, save the world or be president.

 But as we grew, we learnt that most of our aspirations and imaginations could not happen in the real world. We were dictated by society what was expected of us. We went to school and learnt oxygen is a component of air and had to accept it as that even if we could not see it. ‘Keep your opinions to yourself, please!’ We were told that we should go to school and become a doctor/lawyer/engineer, get a job and have money. Gradually, our thinking became patterned to a particular way.

We began to think that those who did well in school were smart and those who didn’t were dumb. We think that fortune had smiled on those who held white-collar jobs while misfortune had befallen those who had blue-collar jobs instead. We think that those aspiring to be artistes/artists/actors/models…were not serious about life. We think that politics or corruption is the only way to be truly wealthy. We look at our gifts – perhaps we write nice poems or make nice drawings – and we think, “Can this thing even fetch me some money?” If we think ‘no’, we discard it. Because we can’t sing, dance, play an instrument, fix a car or create an app like some of our mates, we may feel that we are not creative; we end up thinking less of ourselves.

    But you see, everyone was born for a purpose and because of that purpose, God has endowed us with different gifts. Our purpose is to solve a problem somewhere but the way that problem is going to be solved will be differently handled by different individuals. Now, this is where creativity comes in. Take for instance, the issue of reconnecting with long lost contacts, friends and families. Mark Zuckerberg, while still a student in the university, created Facebook. Another instance was the problem of communicating across long distances and different locations which was solved by Alexander Graham Bell who devised the first telephone. Who ever thought that a machine would fly on air and even carry people in it? The Wright brothers thought so and created the aeroplane. I could go on and on…Thomas Edison and the light bulb, Larry Page and Google, Bill Gates and Microsoft, Henry Ford and Ford Motors, Mike Adenugua and Glo.

They all found a problem and used innovative ideas to fix it.
You don’t need to do what others do. If you’re good in planning and organising things, you could consider being an event planner. If you’re good at listening and offering sound advice, you could make a good counsellor or psychologist. Perhaps you like details and going into the bottom of a matter, that’s what detectives do. You love planting and pruning flowers as an art? Why not be a horticulturist?

   You know what your strengths/talents/gifts are, work on them and add your unique blend to them. If it is designing homes, design homes so well and uniquely that people would come looking for you. You know that problem everybody is complaining about, then find a way to solve it. Most billionaires today solved problems. You have that burning desire to do or be something, then start now towards it.

Maybe you are yet to discover what you are good at. Ask yourself: “What do I enjoy doing?”, “What would I talk about all day long if I had all the time?”, “What do I do so easily, yet others struggle to do it?”, “What have people always complimented me for?”, “What problem do I always think of solving?”.

You would need to take out time to answer these questions and do more reflection and soul-searching to really discover your hidden gifts. In the end, you would find out that you have one or more gifts. You may need more guidance; ask the Holy Spirit or a someone that knows you well for help. When you’ve discovered your gift, try to take part in activities that would not only grow that gift but will also get people to know about your gift. You never know, one day someone may hear about your gift and call you to embark on something big that could transform your life for the better! This advice is to all Nigerian youths out there – whether you hawk, you're into trading or business, you're in school or you’re at home idle. Know your talents/gifts, work on them and get creative.

   Free your mind of limitations! Dream big, hope for the best, have faith, keep on trying and persevering.

Honestly, it’s not going to be easy to do something that nobody has done before or to pioneer things in your own unique way, but it is possible. Never anyone to make you feel inferior just because you are not good in what they do; you are good in what you do. Truth is, if God gave you all the talents in the world, many would go to waste because they won’t be used in achieving the purpose God sent you to earth for. Never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking of it. Anytime you want to quit, think of all the people watching to see you fail… and think of the people who wants to see you succeed. Never live a life you would end up wondering, “What if I had tried?”

When you feel like giving up on your dream, think on why you started in the first place and why you kept hanging on. Look at how far you have gone; you may not be where you want to be, but you’re better than you were yesterday. Remember that your gift/creativity is only unique to you and it’s for a purpose.

 So, be creative, be original, be you…


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