Friday, 9 June 2017


We were born,
Despite the difficulties and pains of labour, we came into the world.

As children,.
 it was our dream, to be that "hero" someday

We were growing,
Our friends struggled to do it but we could easily do naturally. 

We went to school,
For our parents felt they knew best, yet that childhood dream remained.

We got older,
Got a job, got married, got everything, yet something was missing.

We began to search ourselves,
We searched our souls, we searched our hearts, we searched for

Some stop,
For they decide the journey to self is difficult but we will not till we reach

We saw it,
In different opportunities. We felt its tug pulling us to what we were called to be; pulling us to

For those that get it,
They feel fulfilled. For others that do not, they feel incomplete for it is a life without

Even as our hearts beat weakly,
As our eyes closed to a forever sleep and our souls slipped to a world beyond,
We realise that was why we were here in the first place. We were born for it; it was our

     Dear reader,  don't give up on your dream for "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." If you can dream it,  you can do it!  So long as God laid that vision in your heart, He knows you can do it. Just keep on trusting Him,  believe in yourself, keep dreaming, keep pushing, keep declaring positive things. Remember "Aim for the 🌟 stars, if you don't reach it,  you will land on the 🌙 moon. "


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