Sunday, 11 June 2017

Getting a scholarship

      One of our dreams as students is to get a scholarship but after trying so many times, we're it as a mere dream.  Truth is that dream can become real.  Yes,  getting a scholarship is possible though not as easy.  Students like you have got these scholarships, you can too!
So,  I am going to share with you helpful tips that would increase your chances of winning a scholarship :

1. Be up-to-date: Many have missed scholarship opportunities simply due to ignorance.  It is therefore important that you are always informed about ongoing or expected scholarships. Subscribe to websites that deal on scholarships, register with that Cyber-café in school that is into scholarships, regularly surf the net,  join What's App groups that share scholarship updates and of course, ask people around about any ongoing scholarship.

2. Always have the necessary documents: To be forewarned is to be forearmed . There are some documents that are always almost required for scholarship applications like JAMB admission letter,  JAMB original result,  birth certificate, O' Level result,  school ID card,  etc. Do not wait till you are applying for a scholarship before you start running around to get them.  If a document is required for one scholarship, chances are that it would be required in another. Get all your documents stored in soft copy in your phone,  flash drive,  computer or in whatever form you can easily retrieve it for future use.

3. Apply early: "The early bird catches the worm", the saying goes. Being among the first applicants would also put you among the first for consideration. So apply early and boost your chances of getting selected.

4. Follow instructions: When applying for some scholarships,  it is required that the document be in a particular format like JPEG, PDF, WORD or some other format. They may require a particular document stamped and endorsed by your HOD.  They may want you to arrange the documents in a particular order.  Do not assume that they would overlook your not adhering to instructions. Sometimes what can distinguish one student from others is simply adhering to instructions and please,  be honest with the information you give.

5. Try out past questions: Some scholarship exams repeat the questions they have given over the years,  others do not.  Either ways,  it is important to practice past questions. Not only would they teach you on the best ways to answer,  they would offer helpful insights on what you should expect.

6. Being selected: Never assume that because they have called you to take the exam,  it is as good as winning the scholarship. Follow instructions till the end.  Go early,  dress well and bring the required documents.

7. Taking the exam: Of course, you would not know all the answers to the different questions. Read the instructions carefully. Answer the questions you know as quickly and as carefully as you can first. For the ones you do not know,  look for the options that appear similar and the one that stands out different. Look out for any particular sequence in the options. Use common sense, obviously. Worst case scenario, answer all unknown questions using a particular options like option A/B /C / D through out.  Seems like gambling but chances are some will be correct.

8. After everything: If you eventually get the scholarship, Good for you!  If you do not,  it is not the end.  Find out where you went wrong and learn from it.  Keep on applying for scholarships; do not give up! Do not look down on a scholarship or feel you are not qualified enough or feel that the requirements are too much.  If getting a scholarship is your dream,  then keep pushing till the door opens.  Even if you still do not get,  do not beat yourself.  Try other rewarding opportunities like writing competitions, quizzes,  debates,  being the best in your department, talent competition, leadership or even beauty pageants. You never know where your breakthrough would come from!

    Remember,  the future belongs to those that believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Tips on how to do great in a course

     An adage goes: "He that fails to plan has planned to fail." If you intend on doing well in a course,  you should have strategies on how to tackle it.
Outlined below are helpful tips on how you can go about this:

1. Start early:
 Before the beginning of the semester, you should know the courses you will offer,  the recommended textbooks and past questions. While others are still returning and recovering from the holidays, you should have started going through your books.  This does not necessarily mean that you should get all that textbook into your head but going through it would give you an idea on what you are most likely going to face.

2. Attend lectures:
   Although people have different ways of learning, it is nevertheless advisable to attend lectures as much as possible. Lectures can make a course easier to understand than mere reading it in a textbook. They give you an idea on what the lecturer expects from you in exam,  you will be able to ask the lecturer questions and sometimes, all that you need to pass an exam is to write what the lecturer gave in class.  If you cannot attend lectures,  at least get the notes from those that went for the lecture.

3. Get help! :  If you find a course difficult,  do not be ashamed or afraid to meet your course mates,  lecturer or any other person that has better understanding of it.  If the person you meet does not know or refuses to help,  meet another person.  One tough  topic you have been seating on for hours can be made easier within minutes  by just an explanation.

4. Develop passion: Have you noticed that you hardly hesitate to learn new things concerning the things  you are passionate about? So it is with courses! You tend to do better in courses you are passionate about. You want to do well in that painfully boring difficult course? Then be passionate or make yourself passionate about it,  at least till you are done with the course. They say, "Fake it till you make it ". Convince yourself by saying things like: "I love this course! ", "This is great course even if I don't see it as such now.", "This course would help me in future one day" . Then put in your best like your whole life depends on it.  You will be surprised on how much better you will eventually do in that course.

5. Discuss:
 Edgar Dale said "We retain 10% of what we read, 70% of what we discuss with others and 95% of what we teach others." By discussing what you have learnt with your course mates, it would not only stick better  but it would alert you to your mistakes. Sometimes it was those group discussion prior to exam that made you realise what you missed in your personal reading. Even explaining a difficult topic to your course mate can make you understand the course more.

6. Read to know and not just to pass: As much as possible, read your course to really understand it.  This can be painstakingly slow and mentally demanding, so it is best to do this before or early in the semester. Do researches and read widely especially books related to the course.  Not only would you gain more information that would help in presenting a better work in assignments or exams,  you will not easily forget what you have an in-depth understanding of compared to what you cram.

7. Be informed: No man is an island. Stay abreast of what is happening in class so as to know any information  concerning assignments to be submitted, expected tests,  scheduled practicals or classes and exam venues.  One vital piece of information can save someone from missing an exam.

8. Think positively: "Reach for the stars and if you don't get them,  you will land on the moon" . Believe you will pass and discard every thought of failure. People have successfully passed this course,  so why can't you? Aim for the highest possible grade,  impossible as it may seem.  You will see that even if you do not get that grade,  you will get close to it.  Believe you will pass it this time even if you did not pass it before. Have faith in yourself, in God and think big!

Friday, 9 June 2017


We were born,
Despite the difficulties and pains of labour, we came into the world.

As children,.
 it was our dream, to be that "hero" someday

We were growing,
Our friends struggled to do it but we could easily do naturally. 

We went to school,
For our parents felt they knew best, yet that childhood dream remained.

We got older,
Got a job, got married, got everything, yet something was missing.

We began to search ourselves,
We searched our souls, we searched our hearts, we searched for

Some stop,
For they decide the journey to self is difficult but we will not till we reach

We saw it,
In different opportunities. We felt its tug pulling us to what we were called to be; pulling us to

For those that get it,
They feel fulfilled. For others that do not, they feel incomplete for it is a life without

Even as our hearts beat weakly,
As our eyes closed to a forever sleep and our souls slipped to a world beyond,
We realise that was why we were here in the first place. We were born for it; it was our

     Dear reader,  don't give up on your dream for "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." If you can dream it,  you can do it!  So long as God laid that vision in your heart, He knows you can do it. Just keep on trusting Him,  believe in yourself, keep dreaming, keep pushing, keep declaring positive things. Remember "Aim for the 🌟 stars, if you don't reach it,  you will land on the 🌙 moon. "