Sunday, 20 November 2016


Hey novel readers! Do you know you can read my first published ebook 'Overthrown' ?
Here are some links to follow to get it in soft copy:


2. :

3. :

4. :

5. "Overthrown" on :

 Simply go to and search for 'Overthrown'. It would come up. Click on it to buy and get it in any format you want: pdf, epub, pdb, etc

The good news is that it is also available on other websites for purchase like: 'Barnes and Noble', 'Kobo', 'Scribd', '', 'Baker & Taylor' and many other eBook platforms. To search for it on these websites, type 'Overthrown by Mimie'.

If you are Nigerian, you could purchase it at To search for it on the website, simply type 'Overthrown' and it would come up. Preferably, you could email me at to order. Then I would send you the Pdf or Word format.

Please feel free to comment on the book here or by email. I would love to get a feedback from you. :)



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