Thursday, 5 May 2016

Get inspired

Do you want some motivation to join the growing number of naturalistas? Perhaps you just need more inspiration in this journey of being natural. Anyway, here are a few of my advice for all you natural afros:
1. BE NATURAL: Well that should be obvious. To be a naturalista ie someone with her natural african kinky hair is the first step. In case you are not, not to worry. You can simply transition from your permed hair to natural. Simply all your hair to start growing natural. The more it grows, the more you notice the difference from your permed hair. Normally, it would look more curly, blacker and woolly. Don't apply relaxer to it. After it has grown a reasonable length, simply cut off the permed hair. Now, you will be left with your natural hair! Tada! Simple, isn't it?

2. HYGIENE: Washing your hair with shampoo at least once a week is necessary to have a clean healthy hair. It is recommended though that you do not exceed doing it three times weekly to avoid having a frail hair. However, I believe just pouring water alone on your hair each day is okay especially if you comb it, you know to soften it.

3.COMBING: It's best to comb your hair when damp than when wet or dry. This way, hair breakage and pains while combing would reduce. And also, use a big-toothed comb.

4.USE OF ORGANIC HAIR PRODUCTS: Organic hair products such as coconut oil, Shea butter, olive oil, jojoba oil, organic leave-in conditioners, etc are the most suitable for a healthy growing hair. Notice, specifically ORGANIC not NATURAL hair products. Best to avoid hair products containing lanolin,mineral oil and those petroleum derivatives as they tend to make the hair scalp more dry and clog hair pores.

5.USE OF LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER: should not be an everyday practice. Twice is normally okay or as directed by the manufacturer.

6.STYLING: The African hair is best grown and appreciated when styled. You can do this using your natural hair or braiding using wool or thread. Just try to changing styles anyway. If you ask me, 8 weeks with one particular hair do is just enough.

7.BE PATIENT AND LOVE YOUR HAIR: Growing African hair requires patience, dedication and love. Because African hair curls a lot when growing, it seem very slow. However with much care and patience, it would eventually pay off.

    Well, that would be all my advice for now. Research a lot, watch YouTube videos on natural hair and get more tips.


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