Monday, 2 May 2016

A must read novel - The Concubine!

   The Concubine - a novel written by Elechi  Amadi is one of my most loved novels. It's based on a typical African setting in pre-colonial Nigeria. For all of ya interested in knowing more about the African culture, this is for you. But for all those who also love tales of romance...hmmn... this novel is just right- take it from me. I read this novel and I could not let it go. I was intrigued by the magic, tension, traditionalism and most especially the love.

Fortunately for we 'surfers', we can read this book online though not put on the web by the main author. Simply  go to and search for 'The Concubine' or buy clicking HERE.

This is a book of old but its beauty still stands the test of time.


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