Monday, 23 May 2016

Supernatural speed, superhuman speed

This period I began watching a seasonal movie out of boredom. It had been lying around in the house and I never picked in interest in it until it was either it or melancholic boredom.The name of this seasonal film is...THE FLASH.Gosh! From the very first episode I fell in love with this film.I was fascinated by the drama, action, romance and the coolest of them all...the protagonist's superhuman speed. His speed is faster than the speed of light- 3.0×10^8m/s.His speed is just like the flash of light and hence the name of the film - THE FLASH.
   But I got an inspiration. It suddenly came to my mind that this year 2016 is My Year of Supernatural Speed - that's the theme of the year taken by the church I attend, Salvation Ministries. Perhaps that could be a good reason why I was so absorbed in the film! Just yesterday, 22nd May 2016,the prophet-Pastor David Ibiyeomie gave a word of knowledge that all those celebrating in May(birthdays, anniversaries) would by the grace of God move to greater heights and feats with Supernatural Speed! That's to say what would have normally taken us 10 months to achieve can takes 5 months for instance.(By the way, I'm born in May). If you're reading this, you can key into this blessing and say Amen and type it in the comment box below if you so wish to.
     'The Flash' got his superhuman speed from a lightening bolt.We christians get our supernatural speed from the source of light - God!(Genesis 1:3).Just believe God would take you to greater heights speedily faster than your mates and contemporaries. But first of all, you must be born again. If you're not say: ' Lord Jesus, I believe you died to save me on the cross. Thank you. Please forgive me of my sins. Wash them a way with your blood and make me new. I accept you Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.Please accept me too. Thank you Lord for prayers answered.In Jesus' name, amen.' Well, that's it, then read your bible, go to a good church and obey God. C'est tout.
     Achieving your dream that's also in line with God's will may not happen in a flash but it would certainly happen with supernatural speed if you can believe. Here are some verses to chew on as I close:
1. Isaiah 40:31: But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint.
2. 1 Kings 18:46: Then the Lore gave special strength to Elijah. He turned his cloak into his belt and ran ahead of Ahab's chariot all the way to the entrance of Jezreel.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Polished Gems

Right this period, there is so much going on around us and they can be really frustrating. Do I need to mention them? Redundancy especially in the oil companies, the value of the Naira falling daily, drop in the oil price yet  an increasing in the price of petrol sold, strikes, Boko Haram in the North and crimes of all sorts in the South... and all these lead to or are as a result of HARDSHIP.
      This hardship is not just here in Nigeria but is also happening nationwide. But one thing stands, the reverse would be the case for the children of God if only we are truly born again, believe and keep on looking up to God. Remember how Abraham (Genesis 12:10, Genesis 13:2) and Joseph (Genesis 41:57) prospered despite the severe famine? Do you also remember that we are descendants of Abraham by faith? (Romans 4:16). If they could prosper, then we could too because by faith we are partakers of the same divine grace and provision. (Genesis 12:2-3)
        'Papa' ie Pastor David Ibiyeomie as he is often fondly called, said that it is only the people of God who would continue to prosper despite the nation-wide hardship (Matthew 24:21-22). He himself is a living testimony and witness of God's divine grace and provision. Do you believe Pastor David? Well, I do (2 Chronicles 20:20). Do you believe that God is keeping you and would continue to do so in the midst of these turbulent times? Here are a few verses to wax your faith stronger:

1. Habakkuk 1:5 : Behold ye among the heathen,and regard, and wonder marvellously; for I will work a work in your days, which you would not believe though it be told to you.

2. Psalm 37:19 : They will not be disgraced in hard times; even in famine they would have more than enough.

3. Psalm 34:5 : Those who look to Him for help will be radiant with joy, no shadow of shame would darken their faces.

4. Malachi 3:10 : Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in My house, and prove Me now herewith saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

     Are you familiar with the promises of God for His children? (Psalm 34:10). Do you believe Him? As for me, I do (Isaiah 55:11). Keep on tithing, giving, hoping, believing and praying. As a matter of fact, I have a testimony. I have been giving even if it seemed difficult and everywhere seemed dry but today, my aunt in the UK sent some cash to us. Can you believe it? Even without our asking her and who else would be behind this if not God?(Proverbs 21:2)
    If you ask me, this phase we are passing through is not meant to ruin us but to purify us instead. Neither is it meant to break us but to build us. You may have noticed by now, people are becoming more innovative. People are beginning to depend less on the oil companies and venturing more to entrepreneurship. What are you good at? What is that dream that is always in your heart? Whatever it is, start doing something positive with it; petit a petit, l'oiseau fait son nit. Small as it may seem now but with perseverance and dreaming big, it would manifest big someday.The bible says in Job 8:7: Though thy beginning be small,yet thy latter end should greatly increase.
     A Chinese proverb goes : Just as diamond cannot be polished without friction, man can not be perfected without trials. And I close on this verse, Malachi 3:3 : And He shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver and He shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

A little part of the history of Ikwerre

Just in case you didn't know, Ikwerre is a tribe in Rivers State which is located in the southern part of Nigeria. That is just an overview of this unique tribe. Now, to expand more on this.
    Traditions suggest that Ikwerre is a name given to Iwhnuruoha people. The Ikwerres have a distinct language, social and cultural traits that distinguish them from close neighbouring tribes like the Igbos and the Ijaws. Majority of the Ikwerre settlements have their roots traceable to the old Bini( Benin) Empire. Iwhnurohna people descended from the ancient Bini kingdom. The name of the grand ancestor is Akalaka. Their relations in Rivers State are the Ekpeye and Ogba people.
  The reigning Oba of Benin when Akalaka, the ancestor of Ihruoha (later called Iwhnurohna) fled was Oba Ewuare (Ogwaro). Akalaka, a member of the Benin royal family, fled in the 13th century on allegation of plotting assassination of Oba. He died in 1462. Iwhnurohna, his third son settled east of Sombrero River by 1538 AD.
    Akalaka had three sons : Ekpeye(first), Ogba(second) and Iwhnurohna aka Ikwerre(third). Akalaka fled with his wife from Benin to Ndoni- a community close to the River Niger- to save the life of his new born baby-Ekpeye, While at Ndoni, Akalaka took a second wife and had his second son- Ogba by his Ndoni wife. While still at Ndoni, his first wife gave birth to his third son- Ihruoha(Ikwerre). Akalaka died in 1462 AD.
       Ekpeye had seven sons. His last three sons- Ekpe, Awala and Asa- crossed to the other side of Sombreiro River(present day Ikwerreland) and settled there since 1538 AD. Ekpe migrated to present day Rumuekpe and spread through Elele(Alimini), Ndele, Rumuji and part of Ibaa. Awala migrated to present day Isiokpo.
       Akalaka also migrated with his half-brother, Ochichi from the area of the Benin Empire. Ochichi’s sons were Ele(Omerele now called Elele), Elu(Elumuoha now called Omerelu), Egbe(Egbeda) and Mini(Alimini, Isiokpo).
       Ihruoha/Iwhnurohna in Ikwerre parlance means face of the community(town,city or village). Nigerian colonial history records that the name Ïkwerre” was given by the colonial administration when they wanted to acquire the Rebisi waterfront to build the wharf. Using an Igbo interpreter to talk to the illiterate Rebisi( Port Harcourt) chiefs, they asked them : Would you permit us to build the wharf for ship to berth? The Rebisi chiefs answered : Akwerulem( Ayi kwerulem) which means We have agreed.. What the white colonials heard seemed to sound like “Ïkwerre”. So it was recorded that the “Ikwerre” people have agreed for the colonial administration to build the wharf. Since it was the official record of the government, the name Ikwerre became the name of the Iwhnurohna people till date.
         The advent of the British colonialism and later, regionalization of the country Nigeria, put Igbo- a major and neighbouring tribe- at the helm of affairs in Eastern Nigeria. This brought the Igbo people(Ndi-Igbo) into Ikwerreland in the course of time. The Igbos took advantage of their position in the then Eastern Regional Government to grab land in Ikwerre and occupy political positions such as the mayor of Port Harcourt. In the process, Ikwerre and other minority groups were marginalized and driven to the background.
    In 1913. Rev Herbert Tugwell, the Anglican bishop on Niger, undertook an experimentation tour of Ikwerre towns and villages. He had assumed them to be Igbo-speaking and wanted to test the Igbo Bible Nso(Holy Bible in Igbo language) that was being introduced in Igboland. Tugwell discovered from his tests that although the Ikwerre were often regarded as Igbo, the Igbo Bible was not easily understood by the Ikwerres. This was probably one of the reasons the Igbo vernacular was compulsorily introduced and taught in all schools in Ikwerreland land before the Nigerian  civil war to the detriment(perhaps, destruction) of the Ikwerre language.
       Today, the people of Ikwerre still reside and is one of the major tribes in Rivers State. The local governments : Port Harcourt, Obio/Akpor, Emohua and Ikwerre are regarded as Ikwerre because of their history and closely knitted culture.
  Notable Ikwerres are Elechi Amadi(writer), Tonto Dike(actress), Duncan Mighty(muscician), Nyesom Wike(Rivers State governor) and many others.
    To meet with this wonderful Ikwerre tribe and experience life in Ikwerre land and culture, you can just come to Rivers State, Nigeria. Hope you’ve enjoyed some history!

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Get inspired

Do you want some motivation to join the growing number of naturalistas? Perhaps you just need more inspiration in this journey of being natural. Anyway, here are a few of my advice for all you natural afros:
1. BE NATURAL: Well that should be obvious. To be a naturalista ie someone with her natural african kinky hair is the first step. In case you are not, not to worry. You can simply transition from your permed hair to natural. Simply all your hair to start growing natural. The more it grows, the more you notice the difference from your permed hair. Normally, it would look more curly, blacker and woolly. Don't apply relaxer to it. After it has grown a reasonable length, simply cut off the permed hair. Now, you will be left with your natural hair! Tada! Simple, isn't it?

2. HYGIENE: Washing your hair with shampoo at least once a week is necessary to have a clean healthy hair. It is recommended though that you do not exceed doing it three times weekly to avoid having a frail hair. However, I believe just pouring water alone on your hair each day is okay especially if you comb it, you know to soften it.

3.COMBING: It's best to comb your hair when damp than when wet or dry. This way, hair breakage and pains while combing would reduce. And also, use a big-toothed comb.

4.USE OF ORGANIC HAIR PRODUCTS: Organic hair products such as coconut oil, Shea butter, olive oil, jojoba oil, organic leave-in conditioners, etc are the most suitable for a healthy growing hair. Notice, specifically ORGANIC not NATURAL hair products. Best to avoid hair products containing lanolin,mineral oil and those petroleum derivatives as they tend to make the hair scalp more dry and clog hair pores.

5.USE OF LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER: should not be an everyday practice. Twice is normally okay or as directed by the manufacturer.

6.STYLING: The African hair is best grown and appreciated when styled. You can do this using your natural hair or braiding using wool or thread. Just try to changing styles anyway. If you ask me, 8 weeks with one particular hair do is just enough.

7.BE PATIENT AND LOVE YOUR HAIR: Growing African hair requires patience, dedication and love. Because African hair curls a lot when growing, it seem very slow. However with much care and patience, it would eventually pay off.

    Well, that would be all my advice for now. Research a lot, watch YouTube videos on natural hair and get more tips.

Monday, 2 May 2016

A must read novel - The Concubine!

   The Concubine - a novel written by Elechi  Amadi is one of my most loved novels. It's based on a typical African setting in pre-colonial Nigeria. For all of ya interested in knowing more about the African culture, this is for you. But for all those who also love tales of romance...hmmn... this novel is just right- take it from me. I read this novel and I could not let it go. I was intrigued by the magic, tension, traditionalism and most especially the love.

Fortunately for we 'surfers', we can read this book online though not put on the web by the main author. Simply  go to and search for 'The Concubine' or buy clicking HERE.

This is a book of old but its beauty still stands the test of time.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Natural Hair


            In Nigeria, particularly in the area I stay - Port Harcourt- the hair style in vogue is natural hair. Yep, that's as true as can be. By natural hair, I mean the African kinky woolly full hair not the relaxed type. Women have either cut their relaxed hair or just left the hair keep on growing so as to cut off the relaxed part later- this is called transition and this was the method I used. Those who just can't let go of their relaxed hair have resorted to using wool to braid. All in all, the aim is the same - to look as natural and African as can be. Dear readers, there's nothing more than being proud of your roots be it African, American, Indian... and looking it. No more artificial cause natural hair so rock!